Baustralia (/bəˈstreɪliə, ɒ-/) is a nation founded on 20 June 2017. It was converted from an absolute monarchy to a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy on 2 July 2017. It is the head of the Baustralian Empire, governing over three states claimed as a result of the Baustralian Conquest.

Royal Family

The House of Caravaggio is the current reigning house of the Kingdom of Baustralia. It consists of the King, aswell as his sister, and their paternal ancestors. As of July 2018, they all possess principalities.

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Ministers of the Crown

The 1st Baustralian Ministry is the current ministry of the 2nd Parliament of Baustralia. It is chaired by Sir John Timpson under the command of His Majesty the King.

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Titles and styles

The Peerage of Baustralia comprises of all peerages in Baustralia, from Principalities to Marquisates to Baronies. In Baustralia, there are currently 14 peerages.

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